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In an important development for patients and GPs, three respected modern hospitals and a diagnostic clinic are now united as proud partners in Blackrock Health. This new private hospital group unites the Blackrock, Galway, Hermitage and Limerick Clinics.

Working together, we offer national reach and access to:

•  418 inpatient beds
•  28 ICU beds
•  24 operating theatres
•  600 consultants across 60+ specialties.


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More than 300 consultants representing over 40 specialties. It has a longstanding reputation for excellence, and introduced new technology and techniques to Ireland – such as PET, CT and TAVI.


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120 consultants in 60 specialties. It has successfully led private cancer-care services in the West of Ireland since 2004. This includes the first 3T MRI with ambient and anxiety-reducing lighting and PET/CT in the West.

Blackrock Health Hermitage Clinic logo

A major specialty service provider in neurosurgery, orthopaedics, cardiology and cancer care. Due to its strategic position in south-west Dublin just off the M50, it serves patients from the 32 counties. It was the world’s first provider of My Mobility technology and offers access to leading cyber-knife technology.

Blackrock Health Limerick Clinic logo

Opened in 2015 and offers consultants’ suites, MRI, X-ray, and a high-tech ultrasound.


We offer patients quick and easy access through GP referrals. Blackrock Health offers world-class clinical care and world-class comfort - over 75% of our rooms are single occupancy. This will help your patients make a quicker recovery.



The formation of the group has no impact on your patient’s health insurance or access. Blackrock Clinic is still classified as a high-tech hospital and the status of the other clinics has not changed.

The easiest way to check whether your patient has insurance cover for Blackrock Clinic is to visit our cover check website. All our clinics welcome patients with health insurance as well as those who choose to pay for their treatment themselves.

Cover Check Site

Please continue to refer your patients to each clinic using Healthlink. If you have any questions you can talk to our GP liaison team using the existing contact numbers:

•  Blackrock Clinic 01 206 4304
•  Galway Clinic 091 785 936
•  Hermitage Clinic 01 645 9216
•  Limerick Clinic 091 785 936


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